Lynn “Rudy” Rudolph

In just a few short weeks, voters will have the opportunity to elect to Kokomo’s Common Council one of Kokomo’s finest. His name is Lynn Rudolph from the 2nd District.

I have known “Rudy” for decades. His background and reputation precede him. Rudy served many years on Kokomo’s police force. He led a special task force dealing with crime and drug enforcement. This task force, which benefited not only Kokomo and Howard County but surrounding counties as well, was recognized in law enforcement as one of the best. Rudy led by example. He always made it a goal to see that he and his fellow officers had the best training and education available. In short, they were very effective.

One year, Lynn Rudolph was recognized nationally as one of the top ten “Policemen of the Year”. He well deserved this honor and recognition.

I know all of this because I was an executive at the Kokomo Tribune at the time. I served on the Mayor’s Drug Abuse Task Force along with others of the community. We held Lynn Rudolph and his task force in highest regard.

Now we are at a time when we are hearing about drugs and crime in the news about every day. Kokomo is not exempt. We need leaders with experience and an outstanding track record. None could be better that Rudy’s. He would bring common sense, effectiveness, and results to a variety of issues as a part of the Kokomo Common Council. Rudy’s life is one of service to the community. We could do no better than have him as a member of our Common Council. We need to elect Lynn Rudolph.

Kent Blacklidge
Past Publisher/ Kokomo Tribune

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