Republicans find themselves in a Pickle

I just finished reading a column by Dick Polman, a columnists with the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. The headline for the column was, “Republican hopefuls risk alienating independent voters”. So true.
Polman quoted Mark McKinnon, an ex-George W. Bush strategist, as saying that Rick Perry and company “seem intent on putting an increasingly ideologically conservative and intolerant face on the party. They are pulling the primary contest so far right that the party will be far less attractive to the independent voters needed to win the election”. The independents are sure not enamored with the current crop of leading candidates.
It is the crazy talk that scares independents. I think this all has come from Perry: 1. Declaring that evolution is ‘just a theory that’s out there’. (I think Perry had a bit of a problem with school; guess he did not learn that part.) 2. Insisting that the scientific consensus on climate change is ‘all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight” (not much education showing here, either.) 3. Decreeing that revenue increases are unacceptable under any and all circumstances, and signing a pledge to that effect. (How about getting General Electric to at least pay some taxes?????). 4. Promising to fill all key Cabinet and executive jobs with foes of abortion, and signing a pledge to that effect. (There went a big chuck of Independents who have a brain.) 5. Asserting that “its time for us to just hand (America) over to God and say, ‘God, you’re going to have to fix this’.” 6. Announcing in a book that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional and should be scrapped. (There went Florida for sure.) 7. Contending that gay Americans are “part of Satan”. (That should be enough to have Perry declared a wacko!!) 8. Dissing the Bush appointed Federal Reserve chairman as “treasonous”. (He may be even paranoid to some degree.) 9. Insinuating (yet again) that Obama is insufficiently American and insufficiently in love with America.
Even Jeb Bush is showing concern with comments about no one being willing to even talk about tax reform with some paying more; like GE who pays nothing.
Mark my words, if the Republicans nominate someone as far right as Perry, they can kiss a good chunk of the Independents good bye. Obama will win by default. There has to be a better choice than from the field of nut cases.
Ummmm…… Gingrich or Romney come to mind. I think they both have brains, relevant experience, and are not part of the kooky, dangerous right wing of the Republican Party. Hear me Rush and Glenn!!!

The Republican Crowd

It is time for some trimming down of the Republican Presidential candidate crowd. It is long time for Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, and Gary Johnson to pack it up and head home. None of them can cut the mustard in the battle for the Presidency. That leaves Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, and  Newt Gingrich as potential viable candidates. The Republican old guard is pushing for Mitt Romney. Cain is a wildcard with virtually no government experience or a notion about foreign affairs. He has been a delight to hear and very good for the dialogue to this point, but, simply put, he is not ready for the top spot; maybe Vice President. That leaves Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Neither is a darling of the conservative religious right but both are better than all the rest if the social agenda takes a back seat over economics and foreign affairs. But, Mitt Romney has a ton of baggage that the media and liberals would have a hay day with if he became the Republican nominee for President.
So, for my money, give me Newt Gingrich. He has not made a lot of noise nor commanded the attention of the main stream media to this point. He has sawed wood. He has put together a 21st Century Contract for America that makes very good sense. No surprises about what he would do as President. He has been very clear about that. He has all the experience in the world with Congress and how things get done there. He knows the closets, the skeletons, the special interest groups, and the back halls. In brief, he is the most qualified potential candidate of them all. Newt is level headed and damned intelligent. Listen to what he has to say. Let’s face it, the next President must focus laser like on the next several years to get the economy moving, the budget balanced, and the size of government reduced while at the same time deal with any threats, terrorist or economic, from abroad. Newt Gingrich is the one who can best handle the tasks at hand.
For the conservative religious right,  I say please concentrate your efforts on electing the Representatives and Senators that share your social goals. Congress is the only place that has the power to accomplish what you desire or not. One man or woman in the Presidency cannot do that.
It is time for the Republican Party to suck it up, quit fiddling around, and select the most qualified person to run the race against President Barack Obama. Only Newt Gingrich measures up.