Poison Spring

PoisonSpringCoverIf you want a book that will open your eyes to the politics in the Environmental Protection Agency, “Poison Spring” is it. It is hard to believe how the chemical and big agriculture companies have corrupted this agency meant to protect us from the harm done by poisons called pesticides. We are poisoning the planet and ourselves at the same time. This is the big insane experiment!

At War

In case you have not noticed, we are in a world wide religious war. The Islamic ISIS radicals have vowed to raise the flag of Islam over the White House. They have proven to be barbaric, blood thirsty, and insane; yet claim to be carrying out the will of Allah in a war against infidels. In case you have not noticed, too, Islam is a religion of oppression of one kind or another where ever it dominates a society. The countries of Europe; particularly Germany, France, Spain, and England, have many problems from Islam believing immigrants. It can only get worse.
The United States has been spared so far. Why? Only because 3,000 miles of water separates us from the Eastern Hemisphere and because immigration has been limited. Yet, even in Muslim dominated communities in this country there is oppression of women, particularly. But, wait. The growing cancer will spread more to our hemisphere soon enough. The only hope is for our government and governments of other free countries to take decisive, firm, and aggressive military action against what is happening now in Iraq and Syria. If ISIS is not stopped there, there may be no stopping it.
American boots on the ground may not be needed, but intensive and aggressive air attacks with maned and drone aircraft must happen. We must arm the Kurds with modern ISISKaboomweapons and use the airbase in their territory for our own aircraft. There is no room for being timid or being concerned about offending someone. The Kurds will fight if we arm them with superior weapons and give them as much air support as we can muster. If we don’t, we will eventually have American boots on the ground.
It is time to bring back napalm. This weapon may be one ISIS understands.They will respond to nothing but total destruction.

The Chinese Are Coming

ChineseDragonHang on to your farm land and your homes. The Chinese are on the move. In China, pollution has created an asthma epidemic, food safety scares are commonplace, and China’s economic pace ebbs. The country’s wealthiest are on the move and want a better life for themselves or their children. Over 9.3 million have immigrated in recent years.
The United States is the preferred destination. U.S. real estate has become the safe haven for wealth. In August, the largest real estate for sale database, Zillow, will begin publishing its information in Mandarin. Already, in 2013 Chinese buyers purchased about $11 billion of US properties.
In Manhattan, about half of all new condos are being purchased by Chinese nationals. They are purchasing businesses and agriculture land as well. One of the largest recent purchases was the snap up of Smithfield Foods, a giant US pork producer, by a Chinese company for $4.7 billion. Let’s face it, we owe the Chinese the company store. They are financing a huge amount of our country’s debt and climbing. There will come a day when they want their money back or will collect assets. Land is something they need for their overflowing population.

The Hellbender

You likely have never heard of the Hellbender salamander and just as likely don’t care. This critter is about as ugly as one could imagine. hellbenderThey grow to two or more feet long, are slimy looking, and live in swift-flowing streams, rocky rivers and streams. They live up to 30 years and are harmless to humans. And guess what….. they have more DNA than about anything else on the planet.
And they are a canary in the coal mine. Their populations are diminishing at alarming rates. The reasons are habitat degradation and water quality. The likely candidates for water quality problems are agriculture chemicals including fertilizers and toxic pesticides.
So, we have a heads up on what we are doing to nature. It is time to reverse course.


There has been much criticism around the world of what the Israel Defense Force is doing in Gaza. Our Secretary of Defense, John Kerry, is one of those critics. In two words, the critics should “ZIP IT!”
I cannot imagine what we would be doing in this country if thousands of rockets were being launched from Mexico into the United States. I think it would take about 5 minutes before our military would attack whomever and where ever launching would be happening. Israel has every right to seek out tunnels, people, rockets, and anything else that poses a threat to the people of that nation. They should not stop until all of the threat is destroyed. We wouldn’t.
No one wants innocents to perish. The problem is that Hamas is in control of that. All that would have happen is for the rockets to stop, the kidnappings to end, the tunneling to be collapsed, and the weapons to be melted down. Hamas has one goal: the destruction of Isreal. That is not going to happen.
The United States of America needs to quit mealy mouthing the situation and stand clearly and firmly with Israel. Period.

Illegals Again

There was a panel of talking heads on Fox News discussing the Mexican border mess. To a person, they severely criticized our vacationing “President” for lack of leadership. Obama is becoming so non-presidential it is cause for deep concern among people who do care about the United States of America and its government of, by, and for the people (allegedly).
The flood of people crossing the border must stop. We are told most are from south of Mexico and that they ride trains from the southern Mexican border north to the United States border where they easily cross. How about sending a couple of drones down the rail lines into southern Mexico and taking a couple of pot shots at the tracks the trains run on. This would put a quick and serious halt to train traffic. Of course, Mexico would not like this much, but at this point they are doing nothing but facilitating transit of people; so who cares what they might think or do. Are they going to invade us? Hardly.
One of these days, people who are terrorists in disguise will be among the crowd making it into the United States. It may take another catastrophe like 9/11 to get action.
Now we hear that in addition to the people crossing, they bring all sorts of diseases along with them like tuberculosis, scabies, chicken pox, and who knows what else; maybe even Ebola. And we are scattering people all over the country without health checks. If the illegal had a phone number with them, we are making the call for pickup. We do not even check the identity or legality of those doing the picking up.
Honestly, I think we may have gone insane. We are on a very self destructive path. If we don’t secure the border — and that means slam it shut — soon, it will be too late.