Bush's Tricks

[I just ran across a letter to the editor of the Kokomo Tribune I wrote years ago. I don’t know exactly when it was published. This one was about tricks pulled by the George W. Bush administration. The beat sure went on for years and through the 8 of Barack Obama. Thought I would reprint the letter here to show I am just as critical of Republican as Democrats. It is only with God’s Grace that we made it through to this point. Thank God for Trump! Now it is time for the Republican Congress to get off their dead asses and get this country moving again.]
Something smells fishy. In 2000, we had a presidential election decided by the Supreme Court. Seven of the nine justices were appointed by Republican presidents. That kind of smelled.
Now we learn from Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security chief, that the repeated raising of the color-coded terror alert during 2002 and 2003 was not his idea. In fact, Ridge said on May 10th that the directives to raise the level of alert came from the President’s Homeland Security Advisory Council. You know, that is the group of folks that got the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq so correct. The master minds were Ashcroft, Mueller, Tenet and Rumsfeld. And, of course, the raising of the level of alert could only be done with the blessing of Mr. Bush.
Something smells here, too. In retrospect, I think it is a wonderful lesson about how to elect a president. How better than to keep the people off balance and afraid. One could not play on any more base concerns of people than the sense of security for self and family. This is yet one more feather in the cap of Mr. Bush and crew.