The Man Cave

Would you like to know where all of this great thinking takes place? No? Well, I am going to show you anyhow! Double click the photo for a larger view. This is my equivalent of a man cave. A well padded desk chair sits between two desks and a couple of file cabinets. I have three computers (one Macbook Pro and two PCs) going most of the time hooked up to 5 display screens. On my wooden desk I have the “Wizard” wood carving done by my DSCN0919talented wife, Marcia. He is the link between the seen and unseen worlds. You see pens vertical in a Plexiglas base. This base held glass laboratory test tubes during my Ph.D. research days. They were typically filled with fish blood. On the right you see a Day Lilly in bloom and behind it just peeking out is a Christmas Cactus, a plant that has been with us for decades. It was Marcia’s mother’s cactus. CDs and DVDs on the wall rack. Then there are three printers: one laser and two ink jet. These take care of both Marcia and me, although Marcia’s computer work is done way at the other end of the house. There is also a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner that is very valuable. All appraiser records and field notes are scanned for saving. You cannot see one computer, a HP laptop, which is behind the copy holder left of the chair. The Mac and accessory monitor for the Mac are on the wooden desk. The equipment is rounded out by the two black 4-drawer cabinets that house general files and 5-drawers of family history records.
That is it except for the wall hangings. The photos directly in front are of two inspirations to me: Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Both were dreamers whose imaginations brought forth a plethora of technology and theories about energy and matter. Above them is a frame of a photo of a work of art showing God touching mankind.
On the left wall (not visible) there are several frames holding my four Purdue diplomas, a pix of my Culver Horsemanship class, one of me about 2-3 years old, one of my first experience in a newsroom on a typewriter, another of me receiving my PhD diploma from the Purdue President, and finally a graphic of my discovery in PhD research concerning DNA in Sturgeon and the evolution of the Sturgeon genome.
This rounds out my man cave. I both work and enjoy creative time here. My fingers dance with joy on the computer keyboards!

New Year 2016

Thought I should take a shot at the first blog entry for 2016.
I was looking at some very old newspapers I have. Most are from days around the ending of WWII, but there was one of particular interest to me. It is a copy of the “Kokomo Telegraph” [February 8, 1946 issue]. I don’t remember seeing this one before. From the masthead, it says it includes the “Russiaville Observer”. I am thinking the Telegraph was a successor of the Observer. The Business Manager named was Harry Fawcett, a long-time staunch Democrat. The paper says it is a Democrat paper.
Later this paper became the Howard County News, a weekly based in Greentown. Somewhere along the line there was also the Greentown Gem. I don’t know what happened to it. The ownership of the Howard County News eventually was in the hands of the partners that owned the Kokomo Tribune. The Tribune was the Republican newspaper in the county and the Howard County News was the Democrat one. This was important because state law required publication of legal advertising in both a Republican and Democrat newspaper in each county. Advertising equals revenue. The Howard County News was operated unfettered by its editor, Deke Noble, a staunch Democrat. Tribune partnership ownership was kept secret. That is until one Midge Janner from Kokomo uncovered this. She published the Kokomo Herald paper which was/is Democrat. She was successful in securing the legal advertising away from the News. It supports that paper even today as a free distribution weekly. The Howard County News was buried by the Thomson group after it purchased the Kokomo Tribune in 1981.
The News location in Greentown was the place the Tribune used for training for photocomposition and offset press skills in the 1960’s. A Goss Community offset press was installed there along with a large “process” camera and photocomposition equipment. This was in 1964. The Kokomo Tribune’s first paper from the Goss Metro offset press in Kokomo did not come until October 1967. It took that long for training and installation of the required equipment for the Tribune daily newspaper. Dick Isham was eventually hired as the Tribune’s Production Manager, a position I held before him. He was at a smaller newspaper in California at the time. Dick is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and was one of a few in the county at the time with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to help make a transition for the Kokomo Tribune successful. I became mostly involved with computer applications and development in composing processes in addition to computer business applications. One achievement was the development of the “Delco Justifier”, a low cost computer for the creation of punched paper tape that operated Linotype and photocomposition typesetting equipment.
Before that, I remember many nights in Greentown sleeping on rolls of newsprint. At Greentown, I did everything from keyboarding to page paste-up to process camera work to functioning as a pressman.
I could go on. Together, we made the Kokomo Tribune a leader in its class. It was on the cutting edge of production technology and had a skilled and professional cadre of journalists in its news operation. Content and production resulted in the Tribune being named as the “Highest in the Nation” for circulation penetration of its metro market for a run of 8 of a 10 year period. The two we missed, we were second. Great days.

Ken Ferries Column

In his Kokomo Tribune column on December 31st, Ken Ferries attempts to ridicule and insult the field of Republican candidates for the Presidency of the United States. It was not funny.  It is not time for “funny”. The country is in trouble with an incompetent Democrat President in office for another year and yes, a do-nothing Republican Congress.
In his last paragraph, Ferries states he is hopeful someone will emerge as an adult in this presidential race. He further states…. “maybe from the other side of the political fence”. That got me. Ferries does not take on the Democratic Party candidates for the Presidency of which there is really only one viable one, Ms. Hillary Clinton. He does not point out Ms. Clinton was an incompetent Secretary of State that did little except to fly all over the planet. Certainly her efforts, in concert with President Obama, in the Middle East produced nothing but continuing disaster including the murdering of our Ambassador at Benghazi. Then there are all sorts of questions emerging about the Clinton Foundation: how it is financed, who are the contributors, what might be expected by contributors, and on and on. And Ms. Clinton is still being investigated by the FBI for her actions with a private email server in her home over which she had complete control in violation of law regarding certain federal government communications. I hope Ferries does not believe Ms. Clinton qualifies as the “adult” from the other side of the political spectrum. Ms. Clinton has tons of dark baggage including who would become the “First Gentleman” if she became President.