Lost Friends/Neighbors

Just felt like I needed to write something about today. Our long time neighbors across the street from us departed for a new nest near Atlanta closer to one of their daughters and grandchildren. Jerry and Joyce have lived across from our home for over 17 years. Jerry was a high school classmate of mine and Joyce was a long time employee of the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company when I was involved there for years.

The two of them always felt good. They were both warm, steady, Christian folks. They were part of the heart of our small neighborhood community. We now miss very much already that “heart”. There is a void that I do not believe will be filled by the new owners coming in in a few weeks.

Whenever Marcia or I had a project going outside or in the garage, Jerry would frequently wander over to see what is going on. Both of them pitched in with hours of help when Marcia mounted an art exhibit in Portland, IN, some 50 miles away. They were part of what made that so successful.

The two of them took care of Joyce’s mother and brother until both passed away. Their home was open door to family in need. Their loving went a long way.

We will deeply miss their presence here; already do. We wish them the very best with their move and settling into a new place; this to be an apartment near one daughter. We worry some about how this is going to work out for them. They have been used to a rather large home and a quiet neighborhood. And Jerry always like to putter in the yard and Joyce too; which has become more difficult for them over time.

We always felt we could count on them if need be and they could count on us. It was tough for Marcia and me to watch the UHaul truck loaded with their possessions and two cars depart today. It is likely we will never see them again in this lifetime. Pretty depressing and sad.

Gathering of Men

Fathers Day…. Many years ago, I attended what was called, “A Gathering of Men”. One exercise we participated in was to gather in groups of about 30 or so. We were asked to individually introduce ourselves by saying, “My name is xxxxxxx, the son of xxxxxx, and the grandson of XXXXXX”.

It was both a shock and astounding to me that well over half of the group did not know the name of their own grandfathers…… the men upon whose shoulders they stood.

I believe that on Fathers Day all of us should take a few minutes to honor our male ancestry however many generations we can go back and know about. Those generations live in each of us in our DNA. We can be grateful.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Fathers Day.


Honoring Ancestors

Today I give thanks for the generations before mine — their valuable knowledge and wisdom from their vast life experiences. With deep appreciation, I offer these words of blessing: I honor you for the path you have walked and the perspective you share from your life’s journey. Your contributions to the world add lasting value beyond measure. Your sage words enrich the lives of all who listen. I give thanks for your memories and the stories you share.

You are a light of love in the world today. Your enthusiasm for life and the love you express inspire me to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for reminding me that I, too, always have something to give.

We speak God’s wisdom, secret and hidden, which God decreed before the ages for our glory — 1 Corinthians 2:7

[The above from a small publication I have subscribed to for decades. When down, always helps to lift me.]

Traitor Liz Cheney

Representative Liz Cheney
US House of Representatives
416 Cannon HOB
Washington DC 20515

Rep. Cheney:

I do not often write to Congressional members other than those representing my home state. You are an exception.

The Wyoming Republican Party threw you out. Obviously, you did not get the message. I suspect it will become clear soon and you will be out of Congress. It could not happen sooner.

I have been a Republican from the time I could first vote over 6 decades ago. I have been fooled several times in voting for traitors, crooks, and corrupt politicians. One of those times was for George W Bush and his comrade, Dick Cheney. You clearly want to follow in their footsteps. Won’t happen. The people ultimately will not allow that.  

You have no idea how angry folks in fly-over country are getting. They have had enough. The Biden administration must go, but not to be replaced by your wing of the GOP. That would be worse.

It may take some more time. I just hope the country will survive in the meanwhile. We must get rid of you and those of your ilk as well as traitorous Democrats. Frankly, I am a bit surprised that the citizens of Wyoming, whom you have betrayed, have not dragged you out of Congress via impeachment. But you will be out.

You should resign. You have done enough damage to our country.

America First.


Kent H Blacklidge Ph.D.

On the Brink

Our country and the life we once lived has descended into twisting and turning darkness and chaos. No matter your values, beliefs, or political leanings; this is something universally agreed upon. Worldwide pandemic restrictions and consequences, corruption in all institutions we once relied upon to govern our world, runaway inflation, supply chain nightmares including baby formula shortages, federal agencies weaponizing surveillance powers, explosion of social media an cancel culture nightmares, the breakthrough discoveries of quantum physics, and technologies advancing at warp speed are just a few of the forces that impinge upon our psyches daily.

Our collective planetary nervous system has awakened — begun communicating and expressing itself. Yet some things remain largely intact. The birth of this nation and with it the unique concept people could live and flourish in individual freedom and self-governance lives on. To date, we are struggling but have not fallen.

Interestingly, massive changes in science, technology, and belief systems have placed in the hands of the common person one of the most powerful inventions to date: hand-held devices and the networks over which they transmit. Worldwide communities have sprung up connecting people by interests they share.

Our planet is immersed in a collective dark night of the soul. The outcome remains undetermined but there are a few variables we can count on.

First, we each have free will. The choices we make will create our personal future and greatly influence our collective fate. Second, with choice comes responsibility. As individuals, we must arm ourselves with awareness, knowledge, and formulate a belief system by which to guide our choices. We are born into this world alone, we are responsible for the read we crate through this world, and we will leave this world as we entered it: alone.

For myself, I choose to look to those who have come before for hope and guidance.

Chief Seattle 1854

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together.”

John 3:2

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it.”

[This was written by Marcia Blacklidge as a part of submission of her art creation for the Artists Alley in Kokomo, Indiana]