The Climate Pandemic [Open Letter]


Senator Mike Braun
Senator Todd Young
Representative Victoria Spartz

To all:

I am in the midst of reading a book all of you must read. It is “The Climate Pandemic” by Dennis Meredith, a long time and very reputable science writer. He details where we are and how we got there as humans who populate our planet home, Earth. The content is highly referenced.  

The message of the book is devastating. The conclusion is that we, human beings, may have already passed the point of no return regarding the climate and the viability of the natural life support systems that have made living possible for our species. He notes that on Earth, species have come and gone over the millennia. Earth will survive, but the human species may not.   

I hope you or a key person on your staff will take the time to consider the message in “The Climate Change”. I believe it will change your perspective on future decisions and actions.

Thank you for your attention.

Kent H Blacklidge Ph.D.

Deaf Kokomo City Council

Seems we have a City Council in Kokomo that is deaf. They just approved a tax payer subsidized housing development for 3109 W Sycamore St in Kokomo over the objections of large numbers of remonstrators who have shown up at more than one meeting to voice opinions. But did the Council listen? Nope. They voted to charge on to establish more and more subsidized housing in our community in areas where folks simply to not want it…..or maybe do not want more and more tax payer subsidized housing in any of Kokomo; period.

Earlier I wrote the Tribune a letter to say it is time to stop. It is time to stop at least long enough to take inventory of how many total rental units exist within Kokomo city limits. Then how many are subsidized housing units. The final piece of information needed to make a wise decision is how many units are currently occupied and how many are vacant for each full market and subsidized units. This should be reported to the public openly and completely. There should be no movement until then.

I have the uneasy feeling Kokomo has many vacant housing units; both apartment style and houses. I have the uneasy feeling that some of the powers-that-be want to create a magnet of housing to encourage movement into Kokomo from outside of our area. This is particularly true for subsidized housing. There are already rampant rumors that the draw is for folks from far and wide.

Kokomo’s goal should be to have minimal subsidized housing. Yes, there needs to be an adequate availability for Kokomo citizens who really need that type of support. But, the truth is Kokomo should spend its resources on building jobs for citizens so they can afford market rate housing; not subsidized housing. That is where resources should be focused.

All of the citizens of Kokomo need the answers to the questions. All of the citizens of Kokomo need to have a say in the direction our community is taking. Clearly, the City Council thinks otherwise. It seems to have become community dictators rather than community listeners and leaders following the will of the people. What a shame.

We The People

We The People“….. we are two days from the 247th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Yet, we are at a time, if not vigilant and courageous, we will loose what our ancestors declared and of many who gave their lives to gain.

The United States of America is on a the very edge of a cliff that, if gone over, leads to Communism and slavery. Our current US Senate and Executive Branch of our federal government are in the hands of those who want to destroy, not build. Our President, Joe Biden, is as corrupt as one could possibly find. He and his family have sold the country down the river. They have taken millions of dollars in personal wealth unto themselves. They have cozied up to the Communist Chinese Party.

And, since the President has the authority and power over the Executive Branch; the FBI, CIA, State Department, Department of Justice, and more are in the hands of those I believe are traitors to the United States. Biden needs to be jailed with all of his family who have benefitted from Joe and Hunter Biden’s actions.

And there needs to be a political bloodbath to remove all who have supported government corruption and criminal activity. This includes about all at the top of all major federal government agencies.

The only answer is to return the country to “We The People“. It may be a fight, but I believe there are enough of us to win. MAGA.