At War

In case you have not noticed, we are in a world wide religious war. The Islamic ISIS radicals have vowed to raise the flag of Islam over the White House. They have proven to be barbaric, blood thirsty, and insane; yet claim to be carrying out the will of Allah in a war against infidels. In case you have not noticed, too, Islam is a religion of oppression of one kind or another where ever it dominates a society. The countries of Europe; particularly Germany, France, Spain, and England, have many problems from Islam believing immigrants. It can only get worse.
The United States has been spared so far. Why? Only because 3,000 miles of water separates us from the Eastern Hemisphere and because immigration has been limited. Yet, even in Muslim dominated communities in this country there is oppression of women, particularly. But, wait. The growing cancer will spread more to our hemisphere soon enough. The only hope is for our government and governments of other free countries to take decisive, firm, and aggressive military action against what is happening now in Iraq and Syria. If ISIS is not stopped there, there may be no stopping it.
American boots on the ground may not be needed, but intensive and aggressive air attacks with maned and drone aircraft must happen. We must arm the Kurds with modern ISISKaboomweapons and use the airbase in their territory for our own aircraft. There is no room for being timid or being concerned about offending someone. The Kurds will fight if we arm them with superior weapons and give them as much air support as we can muster. If we don’t, we will eventually have American boots on the ground.
It is time to bring back napalm. This weapon may be one ISIS understands.They will respond to nothing but total destruction.