Indiana Illegal Aliens

[This is a letter to State Representative Mike Karickhoff concerning actions being taken in South Bend and about extra funding for English classes for non-English speaking students in Indiana]
Representative Karickhoff:
The two articles from the Indianapolis Star I have included with this letter raise some questions.
The first concerns actions being taken by the South Bend mayor. Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears to be setting South Bend as a sanctuary city by issuing city identification cards to something around 4,000 “city immigrants illegally living in the US”, according to the headline. I am wondering if the State of Indiana has anything to say about this. It seems to me that, particularly given the results of the national election and the stated position concerning illegal immigrants, this mayor is going in the wrong direction. I think he took an oath to uphold the laws of this country. Unless he plans to turn over the list of those to whom he intends to issue cards to ICE, he is aiding and abetting. I hope the General Assembly will address this issue.
Secondly, I came across the article about state funding for “extra money” from taxpayers for schools to fund English language classes for non-English speaking students. The Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent wants more money for that system which, he says, has nearly 15% of students that are non-English speaking. Superintendent Ferebee states only one school district in the state, Community Schools of Frankfort, falls above the line required to obtain extra funding. That, too, raises questions.
In the course of doing residential appraisal work in North Central Indiana including such communities as Logansport, Frankfort, Delphi, Kokomo and others; I have come across instances of several families living under one roof which is illegal under zoning regulations. In one instance in Frankfort, I bumped into a husband and wife plus about 4 additional males under one roof. In Kokomo, I bumped into a home owner who had a “dorm” of several bunk beds in her basement for male illegal tenants. In Logansport, I bumped into an instance of three families living in one older home. I could go on, but I think you get the point. I add that all were Hispanic and it was clear few spoke English. Given what I have observed myself, it is no surprise to me that Frankfort qualifies for this funding.
I note the Indiana Packers Corporation has a presence in Frankfort and Delphi. They have had complaints from some workers, US citizens, that wages and jobs were being affected by illegal aliens living in the area. This causes me to wonder just how many of the non-English speaking students are in the state illegally.
I add I am in support of adults and students who are in the USA legally. I think we should do what is possible to assimilate them so they can be fully productive citizens. I am not in favor of any taxpayer dollars being directed for services for illegal aliens.

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