Dakota Access Pipeline

The US Army Corps of Engineers announced a decision yesterday. That decision was to end the conflict over routing the Dakota Access pipeline under the Missouri river where it would be a potential threat to the river waters, a source of water for the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and would have touched tribal burial grounds. The Corps will seek an alternative route which will, no doubt, be more costly to construct and will delay utilization of the pipeline which was near completion.
This is a good and just decision. As both an ardent President-elect Donald Trump supporter AND one who holds deep concerns about our natural environment and the values of Native Americans, I hope that a President Trump will endorse this Army Corps decision. Yes, this country needs to be on a course to develop domestic energy resources, but that must be done in a way sensitive to potential environmental damage as well as to the values of American citizens.
Donald Trump has emphasized his stand for clean air and clean water. This Corp decision is consistent with that stated position.

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