Dems and Illegal Immigrants in Indiana

The Indiana Senate Democrats just will not quit. An article in the Indy Star on November 11th says Indiana Senate Democrats will be pushing immigration-related legislation in this session of the General Assembly. You will never guess what cock-a-mammy things they want.
First, they believe illegal immigrants (aka. undocumented immigrants) living in Indiana should pay in-state tuition to state universities. They want preferential treatment for immigration law breakers over American citizens from other states. This makes no sense.
Secondly, they want to make it easier for law enforcement to find family members when dealing with “undocumented immigrants”. This would call for the creation of identification cards at yet another cost to the taxpayer. It is the responsibility of the undocumented immigrant to carry personal identification, not something the state should take on.
Finally, they want illegal immigrants to be issued a state driver’s license. I suspect most illegal immigrants are driving anyway and without legally required insurance; yet another violation of law. I guess I would be OK with this proposal if across the face of the license it states “illegal immigrant” in bold letters.
The election of President-elect Donald Trump and the tsunami wave of Republicans at all levels of government carried a clear message about immigration. That message is that illegal immigration and taxpayer services to those in this county illegally must end. There is to be legal immigration and care for citizens of this country first and foremost. That is the law.

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