After "The End"

November 8th came and went. The outcome was late made public but was actually known the minute the polls closed. The die was cast. Donald J. Trump is to be the next President of these United States.
I could not be happier! The crooked Hillary and Bill Clinton were vanquished. Their corruption, law breaking and influence peddling for pay have ended. The Clinton Foundation remains under investigation. And I hope Hillary Clinton herself will as well.
The ace in the hole they have, though, is President Barack Obama. I would not be at all surprised if he issues a general pardon before he leaves office. He has that power. Bill Clinton did a lot of the same for some pretty unsavory characters and criminals. We shall see.
History will write the Clinton era has ended. Thank God! The United States of America has been given a new lease on life. President Donald Trump will lead the way. Let us all hope that the GOP dominated Congress will not be an impediment but will support what Trump promised the citizens of the country during the campaign. The people (not the power brokers, lobbyists, corporations, and donors) now have a friend in the Whitehouse.

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