Scary Rick Perry

For some reason, I find Texas Governor Rick Perry a bit creepy. I have known nothing about him until he showed up as a possible Republican candidate for President of the United States. He was referred to in one column that I read as a “George W. Bush on steroids”. This is really scary.
That is not what got me though. There was something about the way he dressed that caught my eye first. His suit appeared to be one of the very expensive types….. you know, shiny cloth and tightly tailored.
Then I began to hear things that I did not like. He wears his religion on his sleeve. He questions evolution (which likely means science, too) and is proud of the fact that Texas teaches Creationism in schools as science. He has concluded global warming is a scam. He does not believe in a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. He is intolerant of gay and lesbian folks. He takes credit for the job gains in Texas when other outside factors are largely responsible. He wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. And on and on. In other words, he wants to create a society I don’t want to be a part of supporting.
Just for the record, I have voted Republican for the office of President all but once since first voting decades ago  — and it wasn’t the current one. I am one of the people the Republican Party has to be really careful about now. I thought George W. Bush was a disaster for this country and largely responsible for the ease at which Barack Obama and the Democrats won over John McCain. Of course, McCain didn’t help with his choice of a cipher for Vice President as he attempted a pandering for the female vote.
Now the Republicans have a chance to regain the Presidency and bring some financial sanity and stability to this country. I hope they do this without bringing along a social agenda like that professed by Gov. Rick Perry. If they do, they will lose and we will see a second term for President Barack Obama.

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