Casey Anthony

The Casey Anthony trial is over. The verdict is “not guilty”. It is time for the tabloid, yellow journalism TV and newspaper coverage to end. It is time for Nancy Grace to button her sensationalism up. The justice system worked. All 12 members of the jury decided the prosecution did not make their case beyond a reasonable doubt.That verdict could have been blocked if even one of the jury believed otherwise. None did.
Casey Anthony has a screwed up family that seems not to know truth from lies. Casey Anthony needs psychiatric treatment. Caylee is dead. There was insufficient tangible evidence to determine the clear circumstances of Caylee’s death. Those are the facts.
The mobs outside of the courthouse need to go home and tend to their own business. Judge Belvin Perry, who came across as somewhat of a dunce at times, needs to return to routine court cases where he may be more competent.
The true culprits in turning this trial into the circus it was lies at the doorstep of Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Ratings were the driving force. It was not that the public clamored for news of the trial. It was the TV hyping of the case. I never heard so much speculation as I heard in this trial. It is a wonder justice found her way in the end. You may not like the verdict, but it is time to go home and get on with your life.

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