End Times

It feels a lot like the end times. The election in November 2020 was so filled with fraud that it today appears the evil ones have won. There are still a few days to turn to ship of state around, but very few. The head of the Biden crime family is headed to swearing in as President of the United States of America unless something big and dramatic happens soon. Then if it does and President Donald Trump, indeed, remains as our President, all Hell will likely break loose around the major cities in our country. A Joe Biden presidency equals China begins the final take over of our country and even the world.

Marcia wanted us to go to Washington DC for the Trump Rally to be on January 4-6th with the final day being the 6th in front of the Capitol building when Congress decides the validity of the electors for the Electoral College. She has been a fighter and crusader for what is right with a record as far back as the Civil Rights marches era. For this and so much more, I admire and love her.

The future of our country is in the hands of Congress and it does not appear many, particularly Republicans, have the intention or intestinal fortitude to stand up for Trump, the rightful winner of the election. At least seven states show massive fraud in election results with Criminal Joe Biden being the winner. The legislation bodies in all seven states are controlled by Republicans who have done nothing at this point.

Many cases challenging election results with literally thousands of affidavits from individuals and other evidence have been brought to courts. All, including the Supreme Court of the United States so far, have bowed out of any adjudication. Some days remain, but the prospects are becoming dim that any court will have the guts to stand up.

Maybe my outlook and attitude will change if miracles do happen and President Donald J Trump is sworn in in January and the Patriots take command of the United States of America. All I can do for now is saw wood …… God Bless America and God Bless President Donald J Trump.

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