Letter to Dr. Qanta Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed…

I have seen you interviewed several times on FOX. You seem to be on a path different from most Muslims in the United States. I am wondering.

Frankly, I am having a difficult time accepting any notion that anything Islam is good for the United States. I see what has come out of the Somali enclave in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the one in Dearborn, Michigan. I read/hear about Keith Ellison as Attorney General in Minnesota. I have known about Louis Farrakhan for years. And it seems to me that the majority of converts to Islam in the United States have been from minority groups. I wonder why.

I highly suspect that as a matter of practice, some form of Sharia law is practiced in many Islam dominated communities throughout the United States. I have the understanding, perhaps falsely so, that no Muslim can pledge allegiance to the United States Constitution and the laws thereunder over Islamic law.

I go somewhat frequently to our local Starbucks. On several occasions now I have seen a woman draped from head to foot with only her eyes showing. The accompanying male is dressed all-American style including a closely cropped beard. I would not call that picture anything close to being assimilated into this country’s culture. I find it offensive because I believe it to be demeaning to women and a sign of ownership, not a respectful equal partner relationship.

I read about and see on the media the social practices in Muslim countries all over the globe. I don’t find anything positive, particularly for women, about them. So, correct me if I am wrong. You seem to be very much outside of the norm for those who practice Islam.

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