The Wall Revisited

A local Kokomo Tribune columnist and well-known Democrat lawyer is critical of President Trump and his adamant stance on obtaining funds for the building of a WALL along the border between the United States and Mexico. A problem is he mis-states several “facts” in his recent column. The worst is his claim a wall did not work for the Chinese or the Romans or the East Germans. The truth: a wall did work as intended for extended time periods in every case. Check your history. And even if you agree with him, check out the modern experience of the Israelis whose wall is working just fine. And check out the more recently reported experience along the US/Mexican border where there is a new wall: over 90% reduction of illegal crossings. No one is suggesting the building of a wall like the Chinese or the Romans or even the East Germans. Modern designs are proposed; not earth berms, rocks, or even only concrete.

The building of a WALL has been a keystone issue for President Trump ever since he was nominated for, then elected President. If you look back just a few years, Democrats who now are railing against a wall were for a wall or barriers between the US and Mexico. They have reversed positions not on effectiveness of a wall but on purely obstructionist grounds of not giving the President funds for a wall. They rather want a continuous flow of what would become a permanent underclass of uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking, government (taxpayer) dependent population they believe would further their goal of bigger, more controlling government. More voters for Democrats in short.

No one is suggesting other technology to stop illegal immigration, human trafficking, and illegal drugs would not be used in conjunction with a wall. Certainly increased border patrols, cameras, electronic detection equipment and drones overhead would be implemented. But, a wall is a physical barrier difficult to cross. All the others just provide seeing rather than stopping crossing in the first place. More border patrols with the other technology are for catch, not stop before entry. Get it? And as laws now stand, if one foot touches US soil, there is a long legal process required before deportation can happen.

Oh, but I forgot. The local columnist in an earlier column proposed sending hundreds more “magistrates” to process claims at the border. Magistrates are lawyers. Great for employment of lawyers, but a lousy way to deal with illegal crossings and no way to stop smuggling of illegal drugs that are killing people. The vastly better way is to stop the crossing in the first place.

And the local columnist mentions DACA. What a hypocritical comment. The President long ago proposed a solution for DACA that would have provided a path to citizenship for even more than were registered under the Dream Act. The Democrats rejected it.

The USA needs skilled, educated, English-speaking immigrants; not the opposite. Stand firm, Mr. President!

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