The Propagandists

The reporting the night of election returns was abdominal. A review of major national electronic media of that night confirms there was a constant and continuous stream of insults, lies, and character assassination comments directed toward Donald Trump. There were virtually none directed toward Hillary Clinton. The media were blatantly in bed with the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton. They were aghast at the possibility that Donald Trump would actually win the election. Their only explanation was that the ignorant, non-college educated, largely white men were on the Trump train; the deplorables who probably should not be allowed to vote at all because they could not even read. But they did vote and so did women, Hispanics, African Americans, and folks from all ethnicity, religions, and backgrounds who knew the country was on the wrong track.
Even late in the evening when it was crystal clear that Donald J. Trump had won the election and was to be the President-Elect, the major networks would not call the results.They preached continual Clinton hope. Through out the night, so-called journalists hunted county by county in battle ground states for possible Clinton votes when Trump was leading. In the final four states that would determine who would win the needed electoral votes, even if the uncounted number of votes were not enough for Clinton to win, the victory by Donald Trump was not called. It was nearly 3:00AM Wednesday before final calls were reluctantly announced. Fox News finally called the election as or just before Donald Trump spoke to his victory gathering. ABC actually announced they would not make a call at all due to the Clinton camp wanting any announcement to be held until all votes were counted. NBC remarked, “do you think he will speak before Clinton has conceded?” Clearly, Clinton and the Democrats wanted the announcement of results to be delayed until the following day for one reason: to take the wind out of the sails of Donald J. Trump and his supporters.
The political propagandists are not exclusive to the main stream electronic media. You have to throw in the New York Times and the Washington Post, among others. Where are they located: the east coast where the “Establishment” types and the Elite live.
Then came Jill Stein and her recount efforts. Hillary Clinton joined in. Who do you believe was behind Stein? She had not a remote chance of securing a win in any state, yet raised over $9 million to challenge the counts in several states including Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She had raised only $3.5 million for her own campaign. Her challenges with Clinton chiming in were more than sour grapes. They were intended to disrupt the election process and ultimately the Electoral College vote.  Stein should be required to make public the source of the funds she claims to have raised. That is the only way for all to know who was behind this disruption effort.
After that came the threats and intimidation attempts directed toward the electors of the Electoral College; even death threats. This was direct violation of federal statute. The Department of Justice should have reacted immediately with direction to the FBI to find and arrest any responsible. Unlike the alleged Russian “hacking”, these were serious and direct threats to the functioning of our Republic. What was done: absolutely nothing. The Obama administration went virtually silent or continued to condemn the Russians.
We are lucky to have made it through this far in this election cycle. Yet, we are in dangerous territory between now and the day Donald J. Trump puts his hand on a Bible and takes the oath of office for the Presidency of the United States of America. President Barrack Hussein Obama is going about a cowardly and highly disruptive end to his term with recent actions in the United Nations against Israel, more regulations on the coal industry and off shore oil exploration, open door to both legal and illegal immigration, and who knows what more in his waning days. He has time to wreak more damage between now and January 20, 2017, when it will become time for his departure. Instead of looking without to find those who would undermine our democratic values, we must look to those within. These would include Hillary Clinton and her surrogates, Barrack Obama and his, Jill Stein, and finally all who continue to protest and disrupt the legitimate election of Donald Trump.

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