Trump Sex Talk Video is Nothing

The uproar over the Trump sex talk video is a whole lot to do about nothing. His apologetic response should close the matter completely.
Men have a way with them beginning with the onset of puberty. Studies have shown that healthy men have thoughts about sex frequently, very frequently. Those who don’t have such thoughts are either liars or eunuchs. Any male who has been on a team, in a locker room, on a golf course, or with male gatherings of about any kind know that sex talk and braggadocio pop up more often than not. And any man who notices the female gender has thoughts of sex at least from time to time. This is all normal in our society.
And for women, have you noticed at the check out line at the grocery store the number of magazine covers featuring some female clad in “sexy” fashion or about nothing at all? Do you see any covers with male models on them? I don’t. And what is this about? Have you noticed the number of magazine covers that feature some article about great or better sex? They are all over the place. And women in the United State of America don’t wear burkas that cover from head to foot; quite the contrary.
None of this means it is proper to act on every thought. Our culture is filled with sexual suggestion and allure, but talk is a universe different from actions. Donald Trump talked 11 years ago in ways that were meant to be private and between men as men sometimes are.
What gets me is the sanctimonious outrage from both women and men over what Trump said 11 years ago. I particularly question the character of the Republicans — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — who express shock and judgment, then go about back peddling or distancing themselves from the Republican candidate for President of the United States of America. They are like rats fleeing from a ship. One wonders about people who profess they are so much better than Donald Trump or are they just “posers” who were always looking for a reason to dive back into the Washington cesspool from which they have come and love so much.
I can not conclude without comment about the Clintons. Bill Clinton is a true sexual predator. Hillary Clinton was an enabler. She was the one who went about threatening Bill’s victims. Silence is golden or else.
Donald Trump never claimed to be an angel or perfect. He is a male human being with flaws like the rest of us. Maybe that is why the “rest of us” like him so well. He has apologized. Now let’s get on with the debate about the issues that are going to make or break this country.

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