Brussels Siren

Just read a column about the wave of terror in Brussels, Paris, and San Bernardino. It made perfect sense. The terrorists were “home grown”, it seems. Nearly every one of them operated from within immigrant communities where they could swim out of sight of authorities.
“Crime historians tell us that nearly every nationality that has immigrated to America over the last 200 years in a large wave has brought with it a new organized crime network.”, the column said. We are seeing the large immigrant wave flood over Europe. We are allowing tens of thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants into the United States. They cannot possibly be assimilated to democratic values and existing culture in a rate equal to or greater than the numbers coming in. What happens with Islamists is a pool or community of foreigners provides a place for incubation of radicalism that flies under the radar of law enforcement.
For over 50 years, immigration policies in Europe and the United States have been filling these “enabling pools”. That needs to change. There was a time when US immigration policy allowed less than 100,000 people annually to migrate to this country. In 1931, the number was 97,000. In 1941, it was 52,000. In 1951, it was 205,000. It remained below 500,000 until 1978 when it was 590,000. With few fluctuations, the number has climbed to over one million annually where it hovers today.  For many reasons, not the least of which is security, the population of this country needs to stabilize, not continue to grow. Population growth in the United States is fueled largely now by the number of immigrants allowed in.
We do not need to single out countries of origin, religions, or ethnic groups since that seems to offend some do-gooders; but we do need to put a stop to the growth of enabling pools for terrorists and criminals. The aim should be to halt all immigration possible. This will ensure that the number of immigrants arriving is small enough that all can be screened for security. In addition, the categories allowed in should be of immigrants most likely to arrive with the best chance of rapid assimilation. We should restrict immigration to spouses and minor children of immigrants already here, marriages and adoptions by US citizens, and workers with extraordinary skills.
We need to eliminate chain migration that brings in unending flows of distant relatives of an original immigrant. We need to eliminate the visa lottery that brings in people by raffle. We need to eliminate employment-based visas for workers who have skills that unemployed or underemployed Americans have. Concerning illegal immigration particularly, we need to enforce the law.
The USA and other countries, particularly the European Union countries, should concentrate on helping refugees find safe, healthy refuge in their home region.

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