Don’t know about you, but I am thinking June and now into July has gotten mixed up with November. We are all tired of gray skies and rain, but there is more to come. Farmers in Indiana are in disaster mode. Fields are flooded or so soggy they cannot be worked. Any equipment on the soil will only compact it severely. Around here; the loss includes corn and soy beans mostly but farmers with tomatoes and pumpkins and other crops have suffered as much.
And what is there to do? Nothing. Weather experts report now that the Midwest is on average showing an increase of over two degrees. This seems little, but it is enough to disturb the water cycle. The result, they say, is to expect more rain with increasing winds and more water in shorter periods of time. They say crops will be affected everywhere and some crops will no longer be possible in areas in which they once grew. They say places like Iowa and Kansas may have to return land to grazing rather than attempt to grow corn, soy beans, and wheat.
Who is to blame. We have met the enemy and he is us. The consequences of our burning of fossil fuels and creating chemicals that cause the atmosphere to capture more heat will be felt long after those of us now living leave. It is our children and grandchildren who will pay the greatest price. The will not be calling us the “Greatest Generation“. They will wonder why we did nothing.

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