Monsanto Benches

[I bumped into four Monsanto sponsored benches in Greentown, IN, this week. The letter below is what was sent to the Greentown Town Council]
To the Council:
I was in Greentown yesterday. What caught my eye were the four benches at the corner of Main and Meridian Streets; the ones sponsored by Monsanto. I found this disturbing.
Monsanto is the company that has given us DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs, Dioxin, and most recently, Roundup. We know the impact of the first four on people and the environment. Dioxin is likely the most toxic substance ever created by man. Agent Orange has caused devastating damage to the health of our veterans. PCBs cause cancer. DDT has been banned due to its incredible environmental damage.
Most recently, Roundup (glyphosate) has been determined to be a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization: International Agency for Research on Cancer. This is the highest designation for cancer cause possible for testing on animals. In short, it causes cancer. And Roundup is everywhere sprayed on genetically engineered corn and soy beans in our part of the world.
And a word about the genetically engineered corn and soy beans: there now is sound scientific evidence, mostly from testing in countries outside of the USA, that GE crops pose health risks to both humans and livestock.
I am reminded of the history of the tobacco industry. It was filled with deception, denial, secrecy, and lies even when testifying before Congress. And Monsanto, et al are doing their very best to deny people knowing whether the food they eat is genetically engineered or not. Some 64 countries worldwide require labeling or ban GE foods. The USA does not.
One has to wonder why the expected life span for men in the USA is last when ranked with 17 industrialized countries. For women, they rank 16th out of 17. Food?
I urge you to consider whether you really want to promote Monsanto with benches on your corners.

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