Salvation Army Fiasco

There just has to be more news than the issue with the Director of the local Salvation Army. This whole matter should have been a couple of paragraphs on page 8.
Here we have a guy who in good faith, I think, needed to have some help in cleaning out the old Salvation Army building on North Washington Street. I suspect he could have gotten all the help he needed from volunteers for free if he would have just asked. But no, he wanted to get a bit of cash into the hands of some folks, many of whom needed a  chance to earn a few bucks. In addition, he provided lunch. Now he is the one who gets fried. Somehow this strikes me as petty and a crock.
The Salvation Army was not looking for part time or full time employees. They needed one day of help. I fully understand a complaint if there was to be some longer term employment as a prospect, but this? Give me a break.
And shame on the Tribune and the Perspective for making an enormous deal out of what was intended to be a good deed. The Salvation Army has done so much good for so many people over so many years in our community, it is time to put away the swords. The Salvation Army and its Director do not deserve the treatment given.
[Background: the Directory of the Salvation Army in Kokomo needed some help in cleaning out a store no longer in use in Kokomo on North Washington Street. He put out flyers about this and offered anyone who helped $25 for the day plus lunch. Several folks took the Director up on his offer and helped. Someone…. don’t know exactly who…. rang the bell on the Director alleging violation of federal wage and hours law requiring minimum wage for all hours worked. The Director was suspended by superiors. The Kokomo Tribune and the Perspective made this page one, above the fold more than one day.]

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