Nimrud Falls

Most of us have little knowledge of Nimrud, Iraq. This was a major Assyrian city between about 1250 BC and 610 BC. Before all of the conflict in Iraq going back now more than a decade, Nimrud was a treasured archeological site that gave the world a glimpse to life more than three thousand years ago. The city and its present day ruins gave very important artifacts telling the story of early civilization. Nimrud
Now Nimrud is gone. The insane ISIL radical Islamists decided Nimrud is “un-Islamic”. The result is bulldozers and sledge hammers have now destroyed this treasure. This is much like the Taliban destroying treasured Buddhist artifacts in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Radical Islamists want to reset the clock to the present with denial that any history preceded the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate.
The world must wake up to the fact we are in a religious war; like it or not. The goal of the enemy is the overtaking of all civilization on planet Earth. Nothing else is sacred or safe. There may be over 3,000 miles of ocean between the United States and the Middle East, but we are not safe from this insanity. Our borders are open. It is only a matter of time before some catastrophe befalls us. Our leaders are not taking the actions needed to eradicate ISIL and protect the USA. A good first step would be to secure our borders.
And contrary to the answer the Obama administration gives, economic development and jobs, the answer is massive firepower and scorched earth where ever the radical Islamists are. They give no quarter and we should not either.

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