President Barack Hussein Obama?

What is this man thinking about? There has been beheading now of two United States citizens by ISIS; the blood thirsty, insane Islamists. The President plays golf or goes off to raise funds for the Democratic Party. Unfathomable! He seems to be one hell-of-a community organizer and one very bad President. The world is coming apart and our homeland is threatened. The time to act is now; not days or weeks or months from now. People are being murdered by the crazies right and left. Christians are doomed as are even more moderate Muslims. ISISSurgery
Oh, we don’t want to offend anyone! I forgot. We don’t want to help Bashar al-Assad in Syria by attacking ISIS there. The President cannot seem to figure out there are no country boundaries between Iraq and Syria any more. The USA needs to unleash the fires of hell on ISIS. Any area under their thumb needs to become a parking lot fast. I have a feeling the cockroaches will run. If this helps Assad in the meanwhile, so be it. That can be dealt with later. Assad never threatened the United States of America.
ISIS understands only one thing: power. It is time to give it to them. Start at the top by decapitating the ISIS leadership now holed up in Syria.

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