General Mills Got It

It took only 40,000 Facebook posts on General Mills Facebook page to get them to respond. Cheerios, the top selling cereal in the United States, is GMO free. The company says that original Cheerios are made using only non-GMO corn and that the sugar is from pure, non-GMO cane sugar. The primary grain in Cherrios is oats and there are no GMO oats being grown. What corn involved has been corn starch.

GMO free Cheerios
GMO free Cheerios

The big deal here is that this giant food company responded publicly to calls from consumers for non-GMO products. The voices in the market are getting louder. People first want to know if GMO’s are in foods they buy and, secondly, when they know foods are GMO free, they prefer them.
The dam has, indeed, been broken with this announcement from General Mills. Watch, there will be movement toward other foods being touted as “GMO-Free”. Ultimately, the big chemical/seed companies will not win this battle.

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