Time to Get Out — NOW!

The Russians learned. The United States has not. Afghanistan is a bottomless pit.
We have about 68,000 troops still fighting in Afghanistan after being there over 10 years. Obama wants to keep significant troops in that country until the end of 2014. WHY?
It is crystal clear no military victory over the Taliban is possible. Meanwhile, the people we are supposed to be training to take over their own security are killing our soldiers and the “nation-building” in this most primitive of countries is failing. Yet, we continue to put our young men and women in harm’s way meaning many do not come home and many that do are horribly maimed or mentally and emotionally damaged.
Rest assured, when we do leave, the Taliban will move in. Afghanistan will remain a backward and fractured country ruled by tribes and extreme Islamists. This is true whether we leave now or two years from now.
And al Qaida…. it has already established outposts in many other countries including Iraq, the country we allegedly freed and left already. We need to be very aggressive in counter terrorism efforts but this does not mean thousands of boots on the ground in areas where clear wins are not possible. It means search, destroy, and get out.
It is way past time to bring our troops home. NOW.

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