Which is it: Gross Incompetence or Criminal Negligence?

The more that is revealed about the deaths at the United States Consulate at Benghazi, Libya, the more sickening it becomes. President Barack Obama and those closest to him are either grossly incompetent or were criminally negligent. Obama was the only authority who could have ordered a response by the military and CIA in time to go the aid of our Ambassador and those with him to have saved them. Instead Obama did nothing. The military and CIA were ready for the trigger to be pulled. No order came. Brave people died needlessly.
Obama now claims that he did give an order to act. What did he do then, go to bed? Obviously, no one monitored the response assuming he gave an order. If there was no response to a Presidential order, that should have triggered an immediate discharge and possibly a Courts Martial. That has not happened. I more think that President Barack Obama is lying. He and his surrogates tried to sell the story that all of the events in Libya and Middle East around 9/11 were the result of a video that was derogatory of the Prophet Mohammad when they already knew that was a lie. The US representative to the United Nations tried to sell the video story for days as did others in the administration including dear Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State.
It has been weeks now since this tragedy. The Democrats say the matter is being studied and that they will get to the bottom of it…… of course, after the election. This is yet another example of either incompetence or lying. The facts are already known. If they are not by now, more incompetence.
If it turns out the drones overhead watching the slaughter of American citizens including the Ambassador, the personal representative of the President of the United States, were armed. It is time for impeachment if he is still in office. Nothing less will do.
Oh, you would have to catch the President first. He was off to Las Vegas for a campaign party right after the Ambassador was murdered.

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