Wind Farm and Birds

Duke Energy, the company that serves millions with electric energy, has agreed to pay $1,000,000 in fines after its wind turbines killed 14 golden eagles and dozens of other birds at a Wyoming wind farm. The money goes to several conservation groups.
Wind farms are high risk for birds and bats. Yes, we need to move away from burning fossil fuel to feed our ever growing thirst for more and more electric energy. In the process, we do not need to be causing additional environmental problems. Surely engineers can come up with ways to design wind energy systems that do not pose such high risk to birds and bats. Maybe the rotating blade design is not the best.
North Central Indiana currently faces the consequences of a hasty acceptance of wind farms. Tipton County is at the center of these issues. Wildlife has not been the primary complaint but rather potential effects on property values and human health have come into question. More careful steps are justified.