To the NEVER TRUMPERS… Those who hate him will always hate him, no matter what. In his stead, I certainly couldn’t imagine Hillary or Obama or Biden or Kamala making anything even close to this gesture. It was not for publicity or for the camera. It was a private moment. This was in 2020.

If you cannot understand the meaning of this, I feel sorry for you. Please try to understand the weight of this image. This soldier lost both arms. The feeling of a handshake is now lost to him. Trump realized this, and so touched his face so he can feel the human connection. This is what I see when I think of Trump’s motives. He gave up a billionaire lifestyle to now be insulted, dragged through the mud, and lied about on a daily basis. All to save this country and the people he loves.

Again, to the NEVER TRUMPERS…… have you ever found one, even one, person that works for or ever worked for the Trumps that had a complaint about how they were treated? That speaks volumes.

God Bless and protect President Donald Trump.