Stay Healthy!

I have held on to this one for a long time. Ole Joe is telling us to stay healthy. In helping us to do so, he hired a new health secretary……. a man who believes he is a woman. He was Richard Lavine who was married and had two children (wait ’til you see them). He decided to become a woman with a new name: Rachael Lavine. In the process, old Joe fired a very qualified black secretary. Here you go…….

Lavine has a family. Thought you should see them as well……….

Does this make you a bit sick to your stomach??? Rachael is supposed to be telling us how to be healthy. He/She is obese as are his children. Don’t know about the dog in his/her arm. Give me a damn break. This is yet one more of ole Joe Biden’s marvelous decisions.

Joe and about all of the top of his administration really should be in jail. They are both crooked and incompetent or trying to make this country communist. They are taking the country down the tube. I am not sure the USA will survive until January 2025. That is in question. I just pray the military stays strong, reasonably independent, and ready to defend from foreign incursions. We already have millions and millions of military age males illegally in the country. What is the hell do you think they are doing. Working? Yep.