We The People

We The People“….. we are two days from the 247th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Yet, we are at a time, if not vigilant and courageous, we will loose what our ancestors declared and of many who gave their lives to gain.

The United States of America is on a the very edge of a cliff that, if gone over, leads to Communism and slavery. Our current US Senate and Executive Branch of our federal government are in the hands of those who want to destroy, not build. Our President, Joe Biden, is as corrupt as one could possibly find. He and his family have sold the country down the river. They have taken millions of dollars in personal wealth unto themselves. They have cozied up to the Communist Chinese Party.

And, since the President has the authority and power over the Executive Branch; the FBI, CIA, State Department, Department of Justice, and more are in the hands of those I believe are traitors to the United States. Biden needs to be jailed with all of his family who have benefitted from Joe and Hunter Biden’s actions.

And there needs to be a political bloodbath to remove all who have supported government corruption and criminal activity. This includes about all at the top of all major federal government agencies.

The only answer is to return the country to “We The People“. It may be a fight, but I believe there are enough of us to win. MAGA.