Episcopal Church and Pride

[Open letter to Bishop Curry]

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
The Episcopal Church
815 Second Avenue
New York NY 10017

Bishop Curry:

I just don’t get it. I cannot understand all of the hoopla over Pride Month and the celebration of LGBTQ+. It all seems pretty perverted to me.

Among other things, I am a scientist. I hold a doctorate in genetics. I know with certainty there are only two human genders: male and female. The male has an X and Y chromosome and the female has two X chromosomes. That’s it. These combinations of chromosomes are in every cell in the human body. Period. And yes, there are anomalies now and then, but those are considered abnormal.

So, what is LGBTQ+….. Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and whatever else there may be under “+”.

Let’s deal with “transgender” first. Even the word is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a transgender person. One cannot switch genders from male to female or the reverse. Biologically, that is impossible. One can do surgeries until the cows come home and administer hormone therapy by the gallon, but none of this changes basic biology: XY and XX.

What about LGBQ+? So, lesbians are women who have romantic attraction to other women. Gays are men who have romantic attraction to other men. Bisexuals are attracted to both and Queer and “+” …… I have no idea what attracts them. In all cases, however, no human reproduction is possible, so it all has to do with romance and sexual pleasuring of one another. Right.

That is all fine in private, but why is there the overwhelming need to make sexual and romantic preferences public. Heterosexual folks don’t feel the same need to parade around and even have a flag to celebrate their preferences.

Now we even have the President of the United States celebrating “Pride” on the Whitehouse lawn with the rainbow flag taking the central place of the Stars and Stripes – in total violation of US flag protocol. And celebrants baring their breasts and shaking their rear ends around publically. Sick.

I have been an Episcopalian for nearly 50 years. I left the local parish some years ago over what I concluded was insensitive racial issues. Now I am leaving the Episcopal Church totally over the conclusion you all have lost your way.