Billion or Trillion

I read something recently that caught my eye. It said people really do not have a strong intuitive sense of how much bigger 1 Billion is than 1 Million. Or for that matter how much 1 Trillion is.

Let’s put this in terms of seconds. If you do the math for 1 Million seconds, then convert this number to days, it comes to about 5.5 days. Then for 1 Billion seconds, the answer is 31.7 YEARS. If we go on to 1 Trillion seconds, the answer is 3,171 YEARS!

Got it. And we just had a $1.7 TRILLION Omnibus bill passed by Congress with one of our lovely Indiana Senators, Todd Young, voting for it along with 17 other Republican Senators. To pay that back at the rate of $1 per second, it would take 5,391 YEARS.

Personally, I think Young and other RINO Republicans don’t give a damn about the common folks in the country. That’s my opinion.