A Birthday

Weeks ago, I posted two messages on Facebook about Marcia’s birthday in mid-October and I very rarely post anything. But I thought, I am not quite done.

Did any of Marcia’s four step-children or their children wish Marcia a “Happy Birthday” in any way? No… and have not. These are my biological children and their children.

My four never accepted my divorce from their mother and never accepted Marcia as “family”…. ever. This is in a family rife with divorces. Instead, they took their mother’s side and her stories; lock, stock, and barrel. They made us always feel like out at the fringe and barely tolerated. We were never regularly invited to family gatherings.

Do our grandchildren know the true facts? I seriously doubt it. The story told them, if any, likely has been we did not and do not care about them, which is patently false.

Marcia has been a very loyal follower of grandchildren as much as possible on social media, which she shares with me. She and I both deeply care about them and their lives.

Time passes….. years pass. A decade is not far away from when we were effectively exiled. Hopefully, some day our grandchildren will know the truth. We pray they will.

We all are in hard times now with likely more to follow. These are the kinds of times when families are supposed to be there for one another….. love and respect one another.

My divorce from my four’s mother was in 1979….. 43 years ago and my marriage to Marcia is now over 36 years. Think about that. The grandchildren and we have missed much. Life is short.