FBI Storm Troops

What could the Biden administration do now to anger MAGA/America First folks? Let’s see… while ole Joe and family are vacationing in South Carolina and FBI Director Christopher Wray is vacationing in the New York Adirondack mountains, have Biden et.al. send 30 armed FBI agents to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home to raid it! Oh, and they better do that when Trump and his family are away. Good idea! Then have Attorney General Merrick Garland at first deny he knew anything about it. That ought to stir things up. It did.

And the FBI agent to direct this raid should be the same agent that fabricated the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer in Michigan. That didn’t go so well. Two of the four charged were acquitted by one jury and the other two had a hung jury. The Biden government has not given up on the latter two. They will be tried again and maybe again and again.

But before any raid of Mar-A-Lago was possible, the FBI had to get permission from a judge. They found one. One who has a blatant record of Trump hatred and one who helped Jeffrey Epstein folks, US Magistrate Bruce Reinhart.

So, in the dark early morning hours some 30 heavily armed FBI agents crashed into the Trump Florida home. The broke the lock on the room where sensitive and valuable documents were kept under lock and key as directed by the Presidential archive folks. They broke into the personal safe of Donald Trump only to find nothing.

They were not done. They riffled through Melania Trump’s closet clothes and through her personal dresser including her underwear drawer hoping to find secret “classified” documents.

In the end, the FBI troopers took multiple boxes of who knows what from the property. This apparently included Executive privilege documents and documents involving attorney/client privilege. The seizure of both being illegal. The claim is the FBI wanted all sorts of classified and secret documents. The big problem for the FBI and ole Joe is that Trump took from the White House only documents there when he was President and that he had already declassified. As President, he had the absolute authority to classify or declassify any or all documents.

So, we will see how this plays out. For sure AJ Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray need to hit the pavement. They and all who were involved in this raid have violated their oath of office and the Constitution itself. This raid was unprecedented in U.S. history. They all must go…. The sooner, the better.