Lost Friends/Neighbors

Just felt like I needed to write something about today. Our long time neighbors across the street from us departed for a new nest near Atlanta closer to one of their daughters and grandchildren. Jerry and Joyce have lived across from our home for over 17 years. Jerry was a high school classmate of mine and Joyce was a long time employee of the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Company when I was involved there for years.

The two of them always felt good. They were both warm, steady, Christian folks. They were part of the heart of our small neighborhood community. We now miss very much already that “heart”. There is a void that I do not believe will be filled by the new owners coming in in a few weeks.

Whenever Marcia or I had a project going outside or in the garage, Jerry would frequently wander over to see what is going on. Both of them pitched in with hours of help when Marcia mounted an art exhibit in Portland, IN, some 50 miles away. They were part of what made that so successful.

The two of them took care of Joyce’s mother and brother until both passed away. Their home was open door to family in need. Their loving went a long way.

We will deeply miss their presence here; already do. We wish them the very best with their move and settling into a new place; this to be an apartment near one daughter. We worry some about how this is going to work out for them. They have been used to a rather large home and a quiet neighborhood. And Jerry always like to putter in the yard and Joyce too; which has become more difficult for them over time.

We always felt we could count on them if need be and they could count on us. It was tough for Marcia and me to watch the UHaul truck loaded with their possessions and two cars depart today. It is likely we will never see them again in this lifetime. Pretty depressing and sad.