The Pack of Traitors

The election cycle of 2022 will be around soon enough. The Republican House of Representative members who voted to impeach President Trump should all be primaried out of office. There appears to be only one vulnerable Senator: Lisa Murkowski. She needs to go, too.

Here is the list of GOP traitors. The first are the House of Representative members that voted with all of the Socialist Democrats to impeach President Trump:

Liz Cheney – Wyoming
Anthony Gonzales – Ohio
Jamie Herra-Beutler – Washington
John Katko – New York
Adam Kinzinger- Illinois
Peter Meijer – Michigan
Dan Newhouse – Washington
Tom Rice – South Carolina
Fred Upton – Michigan
David Valadao – California

Get them out of the House!!

And here are the GOP Senators that voted with all of the Socialist Democrat Senators to convict President Trump:

Richard Burr – North Carolina
Lisa Murkowski – Alaska
Bill Cassidy – Louisiana
Susan Collins – Maine
Mitt Romney – Utah
Ben Sasse – Nebraska
Patrick Toomey – Pennsysvania

Unfortunately, only Murkowski is up for re-election on 2022.

MAGA loyalists must not let up. They must continue to oppose the destructive policies proposed by the Socialist Democrats and the actions of Criminal Joe Biden and Commie Kamala Harris. They all know they won the November election through fraud and a whole host of criminal actions with massive help from countries outside of the USA. It must stop.

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