On Covid-19

Ever wonder about the Covid-19 vaccines?

Now I get it, but still have questions. It goes like this. Traditional vaccines involve introducing to the body a degraded or debilitated version of the disease causing antigen (virus or germ). The degraded version (not strong enough to cause the disease full blown) was just enough to trigger our immune system to construct antibodies which attach to the disease particle identifying it as disease. Then the warrior cells tke over and wipe out the disease particle(s). There are also memory cells that are on alert for future infections. First sign … arms full alert and disease stopped in its tracks. No waiting for the immune system to crank up. The immune system is ready for the enemy.

Now along comes Covid-19, a virus causing disease. Science uses a completely different approach to getting the human immune system on alert and ready to fight from the onset. It does not use a degraded or debilitated virus particle to alert our immune system. Rather it has found a way to get our own cellular genetic system to manufacture a particle (protein) similar to one found on the stalk of the capsule that encloses the actual C-19 virus (RNA). The presence of that particle is enough to trigger an immune response. The cells that create antibodies are triggered into action and create the antibodies needed. The rest of the immune system action is as usual for an immune response. Hopefully, memory cells will maintain alert status, the that length of that “memory” is currently unknown.

What is being injected into muscle tissue (the vaccine) is the mRNA (messenger RNA) of the stalk protein needed to trigger a response. The vaccines must be kept at really cold temperatures or this mRNA degrades (denatures). When injected, Dendrite cells take it in. In the Dendrite cell the mRNA connects with Ribosomes (the protein factory) which uses the mRNA as a template to create the wanted stalk protein.

Production is triggered. When the product (the stalk protein) is released into the body, our body identifies it as “enemy” so cranks up the immune response and creates antibodies against it. On the system goes. Once a disease agent is tagged with an antibody, other “warrior” cells literally destroy it.

The main question I have is who regulates this system never used before for a vaccine. Once the Dendrite cells begin cranking out the protein associated with the disease, what regulates it and when does it stop? Don’t know the answer to this yet. Will the mRNA be reverse incorporated into our DNA? Will it stay active forever cranking our “disease” particles causing perpetual immune response? What happens when a similar but different variant of a virus comes along? Massive response? Who knows. Maybe scientists know all these answers, but from all indications this is a road not traveled before for a vaccine. I read mixed reports. There are medical professionals and biological scientists on both sides ….. all is well and all is not well with the vaccines.

I personally believe big Pharma prefers vaccine development rather than development of effective, perhaps inexpensive, therapeutics. And as time goes on, the medical community seems to be getting better at treatment. Death rates have fallen to very low lows.

So, get the vaccine or not. You have to make that choice.

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