Any Doubt?

Is there doubt in anyone’s mind that there was massive fraud and criminality involved in the Presidential election? No?

The Dominion voting machines were in place. Foreign countries were ready to act. But the plans for the massive voter fraud in the Presidential election were capped off by the unconstitutional, illegal actions of the governors and secretaries of state in swing states when they changed voting procedures without direction or approval by their respective state legislatures which all had Republican majorities. The US Constitution gives only state legislatures the power over voting procedures.

To make matters infinitely worse, no court including the SCOTUS was willing to hear any evidence of fraud. Courts all abdicated responsibility by taking the position no one had “standing”.

Now Indiana voters, in addition, have very serious issues with Indiana’s Congressional delegation. Did our delegation and VP Pence cost President Donald Trump and other Republicans down ballot the election? You decide.

The approval of a Presidential election requires the results of each state — legislature certified results, not governor or secretaries of state certification — be delivered to the President of the US Senate (then VP Mike Pence). The President of the Senate, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, opens all the Certificates, and counts the votes. The person having the greatest number of votes, 270 or more, shall be the President. Indiana had 11 Electoral College votes; one for each Representative and one for each Senator. All went for President Trump.

There is no mention of fraud or criminal acts in the US Constitution regarding an election. However, accepted protocol and federal election law says if one member of the Senate and one of the House find objection to the results reported by any state, the Senate and House will retire to their respective Chambers for a period of up to 2 hours, then vote as to whether to accept the results reported by a given state. In spite of objections, this never happened.

What never happened either was the honoring of the request by several states to delay Electoral College vote counting so certain state results could be verified. A couple of states had even sent two Electoral College delegations to Washington. This was ignored.

There are as many as 7 states that reported results that allegedly were fraudulent. That is determined by evidence of voter fraud, machine manipulation, and interference from countries outside the United States. The evidence is mountainous and yet to be fully explored.

Of our Indiana Congressional representation, only three stood firmly for truth. Only three stood unbending for Indiana voters. Those were Representatives Jim Baird, Jim Banks, and Susan Walorski. Those three objected to reported results. The remaining 6 Representatives did nothing to try to deal with the charges of fraud; 2 Democrats and 4 Republicans.

In the beginning, Senator Mike Braun stood with other Senators that objected, but he later caved and voted to approve the results as presented. Senator Todd Young never did anything. He took the position that Congress was just there to rubber stamp reported results. Braun and Young are both Republicans. The Senators that never wavered were Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Tommy Tuberville, Roger Marshall, John Kennedy, and and Cindy Hyde-Smith. Too bad our two Senators did not have the backbone to stand with the courageous ones.

We have 2022 elections coming up. It is so important for Indiana voters to look at each of our candidates for Congress in 2022 and get rid of any that will not stand for truth. Senator Braun’s term does not end until 2024. The biggest one for us in 2022 is whether we can any longer trust Senator Todd Young.

We already know that then VP Mike Pence betrayed Indiana voters. He could have called for a pause in the count and the establishment of a Commission of members of the House, Senate, and SCOTUS to review results. He did not. There was historical precedence for this. Ultimately, Electoral College first reported results were simply rammed through; fraud and all. Pence, Young, Braun, and 6 of our 9 Representatives failed the voters of Indiana.

The Presidency and Congress were handed to the Socialist Democrats.

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