New Home

This is to be the new home of Kent Blacklidge Ph.D.

I have had a blog on for several years and am looking forward to learning for my own site and blog home. It will take time to get through the learning curve. Patience required!

I have chosen a subtitle name of “Kokomo Dispatch”. This was a newspaper first owned by Nelson Poynter of St. Petersburg Times fame, then sold to my great grandfather, John Arthur Kautz, who owned The Kokomo Tribune. The Dispatch name was carried in the Tribune masthead for decades. My father, Richard H. Blacklidge, followed JA Kautz as publisher and I followed my father. Our family owned the Tribune and Dispatch for over 80 years.

The Tribune was sold, but the Kokomo Dispatch name was not included in the sale. I have claimed it and will carry on a family tradition under that name. I grew up with printer’s ink in my blood and the sound of a newspaper press ever present in my memory. Those were the days when newspapers were tellers of truth and guardians for the public right to know.

I will carry on the traditions of the “4th Estate” as best I know them. I promise.

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