OK…. enough already with the Whining

OK. I, for one, have had enough of the whining from Democrats, the youngsters on college campuses, and selected media. Elections have consequences. Some win and some lose. Get over it.
I just read the totally whining letter to the editor in the Kokomo Tribune on November 18th from Kathy Skiles, the chairwoman of the Howard County Democratic Party. She trucks out all of the rhetoric and lies her party put forth in the recent campaigns. Even President Obama has warned us about false news reports and propaganda which Skiles clearly has swallowed hook, line, and sinker. She does not truck out the fact that at the top of the Democratic Party ticket was a person who clearly put this country at risk with what will likely be legally judged as criminal acts. She does not truck out the facts surrounding the rip offs involving the Clinton Foundation.
Hopefully, Congress, the Justice Department, and the FBI will not close the case against Hillary Clinton but will pursue full accountability under the law. All this unless, of course, President Obama chooses to issue a pardon to Clinton. That would not come as a surprise given the words that have come out of his mouth since the Democrats lost the election. Considering Obama is known to have knowingly utilized the Clinton server, he may want to pardon himself as well.
Lose the election the Democrats did. That was crystal clear in Indiana. Elected offices from the top of the ticket to the bottom were overwhelmingly won by Republicans. The Republicans hold a super majority in both houses of the Indiana General Assembly. A Republican governor was elected and the voters turned away the sham of former Democrat Senator Evan Byah wanting to become a US Senator from Indiana. The people of Indiana chose Donald J. Trump to be their President. They were tired of the same old corrupt ways from the Washington swamp as led by President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and Representative Nancy Pelosi. Off they go into the sunset.
The new sunrise in Washington DC is to be led by those with a new vision for this country. It is to be led by those who believe in America First. It is to be led by those who believe in the rule of law and that people in this country should abide by and be treated equally under the law. It is to be led by those who believe in American jobs first and trade that favors America, not foreign countries. It is to be led by those who believe in equal educational opportunities for all. It is to be led by those who put homeland security above all else.
The United States of America was declining in measurable ways due to wide spread corruption and ineptness. We now have a fresh start and a new beginning. It would behoove the whiners to get on board and contribute to the rise of the new America rather than complain, moan, cry and spew irresponsible, false, divisive and denigrating rhetoric to serve Democrats over their lost election. By the way, given her attitude and acts, Kathy Skiles should resign.

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