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Here is what it has been all about in our part of the world for the last several weeks. Get the crops harvested…. corn and soy beans. The unfortunate fact, though, is that virtually all of it is genetically engineered and we really don’t know what the heccorncombinek that may be doing to us, our livestock, and the environment. All that we really do know is that these crops can withstand massive doses of Roundup herbicide without dying while the “weeds” around them do. At least that is what is supposed to happen. Problem is, though, there are now super weeds that survive. The solution proposed by the chemical/seed companies who are the promoters of GM crops is to up the ante for chemicals. Ummmmmm…. wonder who that benefits? They want to add 2,4,D to the mix.
Somehow I think commodity agriculture is a train wreck waiting to happen. I do not think we can continue to poison the soil, water, and air indefinitely without serious consequences to people and all living things in the environment.
We shall see if the Trump administration sees and understands these problems…. and then chooses to move toward a healthier way to produce food. Hope so.

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