KT verses Trump

The “Trump’s take dangerous” editorial from the Tribune Editorial Board is the worst and most irresponsible editorial I have ever read in this newspaper. That judgment comes from 20 years of past experience in management of the Tribune with four as its publisher.
This “editorial” – and I cringe in even assigning that word to what I read –is filled with distortion, speculation, and untruth. It is a work of fiction. Maybe the Editorial Board of the Tribune should now advertise itself as psychics and fortune tellers but not responsible journalists.
The piece says military personnel of Mexican descent and of the Muslim faith would be disparaged. Where did that conclusion come from? If one reference is to the Khizr Khan incident, maybe the Tribune should do some fact checking to learn Khizr Khan is an attorney who has written about and promoted the adoption of Sharia Law in the United States over that of the Constitution. And how about the illegal Mexican immigrant who served in the US military with the promise of a path to citizenship only to be deported after serving. That is the Obama administration, not Trump.
And “veterans are cheated and scorned”. You must be taking about Obama and Clinton. A centerpiece in Trump positions is the overhaul of a Veterans Administration that is a disgrace to this country. Vets are dying for lack of treatment. That is the Obama administration, not Trump.
And “our nation’s allies are cast aside”. Our relationships with “allies” are at a low. No ally can count on the United States wishy-washy word any longer. Clinton and Obama have seen to that. Trump simply wants other nations to pay their way, not ask the United States to shoulder an inequitable share of the financial or military burden.
Trump would be tough on terrorists including torture if need be. So was George W. Bush. The U.S. is in a fight to the death with radical Islam whether we want to admit that or not — and, clearly, the Obama/Clinton team does not and has not. They will not utter those words, “Radical Islam”, except under duress. Winning will not be via kumbaya moments and hand holding.
Trump has advocated closing American military bases. Given modern technology, we simply do not need a base in every nook and cranny of the world. Closing bases does not undermine anything. It does expect former host countries to step up to the plate to provide more of their own protection. And closing bases is not in any way dismissive of the time or talent of the thousands who have staffed outposts. Times do change and needs change. This is not 1940.
Trump did call the U.S. military a disaster which has nothing to do with compassion and respect for our armed forces. Unlike Obama and Clinton, he is a champion of our military. He sees our military has been abused, overused, and neglected. He sees we have planes that cannot fly without parts scavenged from others. He sees multiple deployments and rampant PTSD. He sees the suicide rate among vets. He sees our military has been degraded and weakened. It is Obama and Clinton who are responsible for that and that is what is profoundly disrespectful.
In short, you got about everything wrong you possibly could have. Donald Trump may be blunt, brash, inappropriate, and undiplomatic at times. I say, “Good for him”. We need to hear it straight out. His dry sense of humor may not be understood or appreciated all the time, but I say this is a problem for those who don’t get it, not for him. Wise up.
Seventy percent of the population of this country believes we, as a nation, are on the wrong path. The very definition of insanity would be to vote for a candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who promises more of the same and then expect a new and better path. That is what you are suggesting.

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