For the Life of Me… NOT HILLARY

For the life of me, I do not understand how anyone would consider voting for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. Her track record is worse than abysmal, most of which we would not know except for hackers, Wikileaks, and alternative media; not from main stream “news” media.
Clinton has shown herself to be a liar interested only in that which benefits herself, Bill, and the Clinton Foundation. She, along with President Barrack Obama, is largely responsible for the horror we see in the Middle East and the satanic radical Islamic terrorist campaign seen over the entire world. She is in the pocket of lobbyists, giant global corporations, and foreign governments. Now we learn that Clinton, in her own words, has a private position and public position on matters; one true and one lies. We know this not from speech contents she released to the public but from releases against her will by Wikileaks. Clinton advocates open borders and total free trade for the Western Hemisphere. These positions exemplify those not of a patriot interested in the welfare of the United States of America but rather one of a globalist interested in personal power, wealth, and world domination.
Hillary Clinton’s happy face and expressions of concern for the citizens of the United States are phony. She is seeking two things: power and money. She and Bill claimed to be broke when Bill ended his term as President and they left the White House, yet now they are multi-millionaires. That could not have happened on Hillary’s salary as Secretary of State and Senator from New York nor from Bill’s pension as a former President.
The record shows Bill and Hillary were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by multi-national corporations and Wall Street for speech after speech. You know damned well the speeches were not that good. The payment was for influence, advantageous policies, current favors and favors yet to come. You know foreign governments, foreign citizens, and domestic donors did not give millions upon millions to the Clinton Foundation out of the goodness of their hearts. They were buying the present and the future for themselves. Get real.
Recently we learned as a Chancellor of a very large for-profit school, Bill Clinton was paid 17 million dollars over a 5 year period when Hillary Clinton was condemning for-profit schools. Bill resigned about two weeks before Hillary announced her candidacy for President. Hypocrisy personified.
We have Benghazi. This is an episode that will not go away. Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for the deaths of American citizens including the American ambassador. Hundreds of calls for increased security were ignored. The Red Cross and the Brits exited Libya but still security for our representatives was never improved. The military and CIA personnel that potentially could have made a difference were told to “stand down”. The United States government never acted to save lives. Only the few who disobeyed orders were there to help. But, “what does it matter, now” says Hillary Clinton. According to her, the attack at Benghazi was due to a video program. That is what she told the public at large and the families of those who died as they received the coffins of their loved ones. Hillary Clinton full well knew this was a bold faced lie. Cruelty personified.
We have the emails that went through the private email server in her home. Thousands have been released but the FBI announced there were an additional 15,000 heretofore not seen; and now even more than those. Clinton admits she had over 30,000 emails deleted so that no one could ever see them. The deletions came after a subpoena from the United States Congress which demanded preservation of all emails.  What did remain, however, showed classified information passed through her private server where it could be hacked by about any foreign government wanting to. This put USA citizens at risk and maybe even cost lives. That we will never know.
Evidence has revealed there was mixing of Clinton Foundation favors with State Department business. She lied about that. Now we learn a Clinton Foundation aide used a hammer to destroy Hillary’s old cell phones and that she had electronic records “bleached” beyond anyone’s recovery. Wonder why? When asked if she wiped her server, her response was, “what, with a cloth?”.  We now also learn that boxes of documents in the custody of the FBI regarding their investigation into the Clinton emails have disappeared.
When interviewed by the FBI, Clinton claimed over and over she did not “recall” much of anything. The most egregious was the claim she did not recall being trained on how to handle classified material even though she signed a form acknowledging she received that training. And as the Senator from New York State, she was even on the Armed Services Committee. So, more lies. Much easier to “not recall” than admit blatant lying.
In my lifetime, I have never seen such corruption of our federal government. This includes the FBI, Department of Justice, CIA, State Department, the Presidency and Executive Branch, and more. There is a move well underway to grab power from the people forever. If this succeeds, we will no longer have a country; at least not one the Founders would recognize.
I know why most Republicans will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. What I do not understand is why anyone identifying as an Independent or even a Democrat would vote for Hillary Clinton unless they are intelligence challenged, are like lemmings following their “leader” over the cliff, are expecting some taxpayer (government) freebie in the future, are an illegal alien, or just do not understand the difference between globalism and patriotism. I cannot think of any other reasons.
One more thing: in the State of Virginia it has been reported there are an estimated 54,000 illegal aliens registered to vote. Welcome to Hillary World.
We are at a historical crossroads. If we choose the wrong road, we head for unfathomable horrific times. Think long before you vote.

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