Dallas Morning News Hook

Before Tribune readers swallow hook, line, and sinker the Dallas Morning News editorial supporting Hillary Clinton that was reprinted in the Tribune on September 9th, they should consider some facts.
Dallas, Texas, is Bush family country; got it? The Bush family hates Donald Trump. Even with mother Bush and brother George W. Bush support, poor brother Jeb Bush was pushed to irrelevance and obscurity after spending millions of dollars on campaign advertising. The Bush family was not happy. After all, they were sure the time was now for Jeb Bush to take the stage as the next President of the United States to continue the Bush family dynasty. Did not happen.
The Bush family and the Clintons have formed an alliance. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton refer to each other as “brothers with different mothers”.
The Morning News editorial goes at great lengths to excuse Hillary Clinton’s bad judgment, behaviors and lies. They conclude with comments about Clinton being in the public spotlight for four decades with 25 of them on the national stage. They write, “Clinton is a known quantity”. That is for sure. It is the “known” that shouts to me. Recent revelations about Clinton’s mishandling of classified information that put this country at risk on as many as 13 different devices speaks volumes.   Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted. She is not qualified to be President of the United States.

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