Kokomo Tribune Editorial Board Judgment

So, the members of the Kokomo Tribune Editorial Board are going to vote for Hillary Clinton and they believe we all should do the same. I believe this to be an incredible demonstration of poor judgment and complete naivete. The KT Editorial Board would have us vote for a blatant liar who, along with Barack Obama, is largely responsible for the deaths of thousands and setting the world on fire.
Hillary Clinton is in the pocket of Wall Street, large corporations, big donors, lobbyists, foreign governments, and anyone who would feather her nest. What Wall Street giant would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 30 minute talk unless they are buying influence and favor? What foreign government would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, into the Clinton Foundation unless they are buying influence and favor? It stinks to high heaven.
Hillary Clinton is responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans at Benghazi. She has lied about what happened and who is responsible time and time again.
Hillary Clinton put the United States at security risk for nearly a decade with an email server in her home, a fact clearly stated by the Director of the FBI. She has lied about emails time and time again.
Hillary Clinton is all about Hillary Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton should be in the jail house, not the Whitehouse.
Donald Trump may be blunt, brash, and undiplomatic at times. I say, “Good for him”. We need to hear it straight out. His dry sense of humor may not be understood or appreciated all the time, but I say this is a problem for those who don’t get it, not for him. Wise up; get smarter.
As for your comments claiming Trump disrespects our military, he is the one who believes the VA is a mess and is not taking care of vets as they should be. This is one of his primary issues. And he is the one who thinks it is pathetic we have planes that can only fly having scavenged parts from others. He is the one who believes our military has been abused, used, and allowed to degrade. He is a champion of the military, not one who disrespects it. Ask the vets.
Many of us are fed up with the Washington political elite of which Hillary Clinton is a decades long card carrying member.  We are tired of politicians who dance around the issues and do nothing. We are tired of getting screwed with abusive trade agreements. We are tired of “do nothing” about illegal immigration except to open the doors wider. We are tired of incompetency and self-serving. We are tired and fed up.
I, for one, will be voting for Donald Trump in November. I hope and pray Indiana will join the states needed to put him over the top. Frankly, I strongly believe if we do not elect Donald Trump as President of the United States but rather put Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Whitehouse, we can kiss this country good-bye.

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