Trump Gathering Agitators

Enough is enough. The “protesters” at Trump rallies, meetings, and in front of Trump property are not protesters but rather are largely agitators and anarchists. Many are admittedly being paid. Many, when asked, don’t even know what they are protesting; they are only there to disrupt.
The electronic media are to blame for sensationalism of the “news” coverage of the bad and threatening behavior of agitators. The media has become a driver of the news rather than a reporter of the news. The electronic media aid and abet the shutting down of free political speech.
There are two incidents that are telling. One involved an African American Trump supporter who punched out a agitator who was wearing Ku Klux Klan garb, defacing an American flag, and yelling all sorts of profanity. How would you expect the African American to respond? And this was during a time when security personnel were attempting to remove the agitator who was kicking, screaming, and punching at them. It was too much and over the line. The other involved a woman agitator who screamed in the face of a police horse, then slapped the animal in the face when the horse did not flinch at her screaming. The screamer was later arrested and will face charges.
Then there is a video by a black Tucson police officer, Bradon Tatum, that has gone viral. He attended the Trump Tucson rally as a civilian. He reported how shocked he was at the violent, profane behavior of the anti-Trump protesters. Further, he told about how he was not mistreated by the Trump supporters; much to the contrary about how electronic media are reporting treatment of Black attendees. Tatum said he feared for his own safety from the anti-Trump protesters. He said, “These are the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen. I could not believe what I saw.”
Now the Secret Service and Trump have said that security staffing for the Trump campaign will be increased. This follows disruption of several Trump gatherings and blocking of Trump Towers, the residence of the Trump family. NBC reported that former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said, “You have counter-assault assets, you have counter-sniper assets; this says to me that this is a grave threat [to Trump]”.
Disruption and agitation are not coming from Trump supporters. Donald Trump speech is not responsible for the behavior of the agitators as alleged by the media and his rival candidates. Trump does not encourage his supporters to retaliate on agitators but rather directs security personnel to “get them out of here”. The Secret Service and police need to get tough and, if necessary, rough with people who are only present to agitate, disrupt, or harm. It has been well established paid agitators are not “protesters” but rather disrupters being paid by such as MoveOn.Org and others. Get them out of here.

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