Aiding and Abetting

The rhetoric is heating up over the illegal immigrant issue. Donald Trump has seen to that. Good for him. Other political candidates in both the Democrat and Republican parties really don’t want to touch the issue with a ten foot pole. Oh, yes, a lot of talk on the fringes but no action for literally decades. But, clearly, the American public wants action, not talk.
Now we have front and center the case in San Francisco of an illegal alien many times over, Francisco Sanchez, killing a woman while she was walking with her father on a pier there that was popular for tourists. I don’t think anyone knows why yet. Sanchez claims innocence. He was supposed not to be in the United States.
Then we learn that San Francisco is a “sanctuary city”, meaning they welcome illegal aliens. They, along with something like 300 cities across the country, offer welcome to all illegal aliens. Just to remind you, illegal aliens are breaking federal law with Sanchez doing it multiple times.
So, what are these cities doing? They are aiding and abetting individuals who are in violation of federal law. Anyone guilty of aiding and abetting is often found to be guilty of the same crime as the perpetrator. If this is the case, the mayors of all of these cities should be arrested and put in prison along with any who actively support sanctuary by their inaction. For example, this would include the Police Chief of San Francisco, a person sworn to uphold the law.
I am just guessing, but I am thinking sanctuary cities might rethink their positions pretty quickly if the mayors were hauled off in handcuffs in a paddy wagon for trial and jail time in a federal prison.
Donald Trump may not be the most diplomatic in his rhetoric, but he has struck a note with the majority of the American public. They are sick and tired of inaction on illegal aliens. They want the border sealed up tightly with total control of who is permitted to cross. That is not to say people with legitimate reason would be stopped. They would simply have to convince border authorities of that legitimacy. Pretty simple.

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