Wildcat Guardians

The annual clean up of the Wildcat Creek through Kokomo has just been wrapped up. As usual, hundreds of pounds of trash including tires, mattresses, boxes, construction materials, and more were removed from the creek. How did they get there?DSCF2200 In a word: JERKS….. people who do not care about the environment. You know the type: the ones that throw cups, bags, and drink cans out the car window when finished with them.
The Wildcat Guardians have been at this for a long time; I am thinking decades. My recollection is this effort began in the early 1970’s shortly after the first Earth Day. The first event was sponsored by the Kokomo Tribune. I remember several days of slopping around in the creek gathering things that did not belong there.
This is one group that does not get the notice it should. The members are dedicated to making and keeping the Wildcat Creek as clean and user friendly as possible. Their desire is for the creek to be fun and safe for boating and even for fishing. They deserve all the help they can get.

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